What am I doing blogging?  I’m not really a writer, as probably any real writer reading this can tell.  I occasionally write well, but it comes hard.  I am not one of those people that can spew out 5000 well-written words effortlessly.

So the quality of the content here will probably be hit or miss. I have some whacky ideas. In my formal research, I can’t always discuss less than fully formed ideas.  But formality be damned here.  Maybe I can be a little controversial. On this blog, I talk about trends I’m seeing, usually backed up by data and experience.

The blog is named in honor of a TV ad jingle for a certain Chinese fast-food chain here in the San Francisco Bay area, particularly well-known in the Silicon Valley.

I don’t blog all day, or spend all my spare time reading other blogs to see if they’re talking about my blog.  I’m a propellerhead, not a professional full-time blogger.  I’m admittedly outside the loop.  Therefore, this blog may appeal to others who are equally un-hip.  Or not.

See my LinkedIn profile here.

For my more political commentary, check out my There, I said it blog.

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  1. I was friends with a couple (man and wife) who ran an atari store. They would give me original copies of their cast-off software for free. I received a copy of Micro-RTX and the MT-Cshell from them. It was a time in my life when I did not have any access to UNIX systems and I wanted that very much. Everything was changing very fast but I did get useful experience on those programs before I started using UNIX. Thank you for that.

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