The dine safely app for our pandemic times

I built a little app to check and grade the COVID-19 Safety Measures of our favorite dining establishments.

You can check it out at:

The front-end is pretty much a bare-bones material ui react app interface initially forked from:

That app used firebase on the backend. For the Dine Safely app I ended up building a small REST API backend in PHP using the Lumen framework (basically for cost reasons so I could deploy to an existing shared web hosting, without incurring additional costs). It uses the Google Places API.

It’s basically (an extremely minimal) yelp for rating restaurants on their covid safety, essentially how comfortable are you dining there.

Note: updated with github links to the code below.

You can search for a specific place, a type of food, or leave the search box blank and it will list prominent restaurants in the specified city. It currently only supports US cities. If folks show interest in using it outside the US, I can consider adding support for more places.

You can use the ADD A GRADE button to add rates / grades for your favorite places.

I just got the code working well enough to deploy, so it likely still has bugs. Check it out atat: and let me know.

I need to spend a little time cleaning up the code and then I’ll publish it as open source on github. If you’re interested in helping with the code or just want to check it out, let me know and I can add you to the private repos until I make them public.

UPDATE: I open-sourced the code:

Frontend React App:

Backend REST API: