I hope Apple continues to offer a four-inch iPhone (for men?)

I’m an analyst and researcher first, but I’m also a plain old end-user too. When I speak of Apple vs. Google or iOS vs. Android, I’m usually speaking in the abstract, with no relation to my own personal preference. However, in this case, it’s very personal. I want essentially an iPhone 6 “mini”.

What I want is an iPhone with iPhone 6 features, like a faster processor, Apple Pay, new camera, and the additional sensors, but in the form-factor of essentially the iPod Touch 5th gen. small, thin, light. For me personally, the smaller, lighter, device is way better. I actually like my old iPhone 5, but would like it even more with a faster processor and Apple Pay, a new iPhone “mini” to essentially replace the iPhone 5S line.

For men in particular, size matters. A lot of us aren’t ready to start lugging around a “murse”. We only have so much room in our pockets so we have to be very selective about what makes the cut. In my case, often it’s pants pocket or it stays home.

Of course, unlike a lot of other analysts and tech. bloggers, I realize I’m not Apple’s primary customer. I don’t assume the whole world is just like me. In fact, I make it my job to try to understand what real customers want, independent of what I personally want. So is a 4″ iPhone “mini” a it a good idea for Apple? I don’t know… but I certainly hope they do it. Maybe they can market it as the manly-man phone.

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  1. I’ve sent your input to Apple friends. I also added my own: what they need is a re-sizable device. Can go as big as an ipad and as small as a 4″ screen. Make that happen magical apple people.

    Of course i expect the charger to require a roller suitcase.

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