Now it’s time for an iPhone rant

In the spirit of contrasting views, the following is a guest post by a former colleague.

The iPhone sucks

For starters, the out-of-the box email client sucks horribly compared to blackberry (I used bb for almost 15 years, now forced to iPhone).

The battery dies 5 times faster than my Galaxy Note II, and in 10% of the time that my bb used to last (torch 9700 or the older one with no touch screen) This phone spends time dead every other day.

What the hell is with the charger? Why do I need to upgrade from whatever the hell this is (4 or 4S… where do I find the model info?) to use USB?

Every time I think I should go look for a better app, I forget my itunes password. Oh, and I hate iTunes just on general principle and have since it came out. I want to own and manage my own files, tyvm.

I hate iCloud. Let me transfer my ^&*(# pictures already!

I can’t seem to drop a call from a multi-line without hanging up completely. I can’t add an incoming call to an existing call. I do not want to find or read the manual. I don’t want to spend ANY time learning how to use a phone at this point. It shouldn’t be this annoying.

I’ve got an Android that took me about 5 minutes to come up to speed on.

When my “simple and easy to use” (and there is a point where you can dumb something down too much) iPhone makes a noise, I usually go find my laptop.

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  1. … and I agree with you so much, as I hate iTunes too.

    Apple, pls listen:

    iTune it down, Apple

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