How to Improve PageRank Using

There are many great reasons for businesses to use but one clearly stands out: increasing your keyword rankings and growing your organic search traffic. makes it easy to increase the number of terms that your website can rank for without cluttering your site with extra pages that might make your site bloated and hard to navigate.

Below is a step-by-step guide for using as a highly effective and easy to use tool for SEO and traffic building.

1) What do I write about?

The most common road block to getting started with is deciding what to write about. The answer is simple: write about your keywords. Since you’ll be using to write about your industry and niche, it will be a natural place to create content around a wide variety of keywords.

2) Identify keywords (be realistic)

As an example, let’s say you want to increase the amount of traffic coming to your site for searches related to the term “pagerank.” Let’s face it, unless you’re Google or Wikipedia, you’re not going to be taking the #1 search engine result for the term “pagerank” anytime soon. That’s okay, you can still get crafty and take a sizable chuck of traffic by thinking about the way people search.

Most experienced Google users understand that using general terms isn’t going to get the results they want. Instead, people typically search for keyword phrases, for example: “increase pagerank,”, “improve pagerank” or “how to improve pagerank.”

I might never get the #1 spot for the term “pagerank” alone, but there is actually a chance that I could rank for the keyword phrase “how to improve pagerank.” Granted, it may not have a high search volume, but if you can rank for a dozen or more of these kinds of keyword phrases related to the term “pagerank” you’ll end up with a significant amount of traffic.

3) Optimize your post around your keyword (Page Title, URL, H1)

The most important places to included keywords on any page of your site is in the page title, the URL and the H1 tag. This means that if you’re trying to rank for “how to improve pagerank” you need to make sure that phrase, in that order, is in all three places.

You also need to make sure that this phrase appears first. A common mistake is for a company to put it’s name before it’s keywords in page titles. For example “140Plus – How to Improve Pagerank.” Instead you would want “How to Improve Pagerank – 140Plus.”

Fortunately, handles this for you automatically. Once you’ve identified your keywords and ensured they’re part of the title of your post, ensures that the page title, the URL and the H1 tag are automatically optimized for search engines for you.

4) Publish your post

Finally, publish your post. 140Plus automatically arranges your page into a clean, search-engine friendly format, while automatically publishing to the web, to Twitter, and to Google. Depending on how frequently Google and other search engines scan your site, it could take a few days or longer for your pages to be indexed and show up in Google. A simple tip to get your pages into search engines faster is to publish more often. When Google notices that a site is getting updated daily, it will scan the site more regularly.

This is another place where does some for the work for you, automatically posting to Twitter and posting your RSS feed to Google, leveraging the real-time social web to help your posts get indexed faster. gives your site more inbound links, which increases pagerank and improves organic search results to greatly increase traffic to your site. 140Plus makes it astonishingly easy to publish content to the new real-time social web. No set-up or configuration required. Just publish your content and share the link in seconds.

The world’s simplest Twitter-integrated, SEO-optimized pages.

5) Check the results

Try an experiment: If it’s been more than a few hours since your post has gone live, open up a new browser tab and do a quick Google search for “how to improve pagerank using” Does your post show up on the front page? If so, do another search for “how to improve pagerank.” Does it show up again?