I’m in the process of shutting down one service ( and at the same time firing up a new one at

I essentially put together for my own needs but made it general enough for anybody to use. I’ve been trying to decide what to do with the domain for a while and finally decided to go ahead and deploy this rather modest idea on that domain.

Basically, I am always spinning several plates at the same time in the form of ideas and projects I’m working on. These often have a Twitter ID associated with them. lets me have a simple blog for each of these using just a Twitter ID without having to go through the setup of a full Blogger or WordPress blog.

Blogger and WordPress invite one to customize a blog – the urge to do so is often overwhelming – soon you can find yourself spending an enormous amount of time on the look and theme and widgets and other options on your blog. is the anti-Wordpress in that regard. There are NO VERY FEW customization options with With one click to sign in using your Twitter account (using Twitter OAuth), you have  your blog setup at and are ready to start writing posts. Admin Dashboard Admin Dashboard blogs can choose from a few basic themes with pre-set layouts (the default and most common theme is derived from the Kubrick design by Michael Heilemann – at some point, this might change). You can set your blog title, define some keywords, and add a few links off your blog page, and that’s basically it. All of these settings are optional and automatically default to reasonable values if not set, so never need to be touched, if you don’t want to.

Another way to look at is as a “Twit Longer” type service, where you can post items that don’t fit in 140 characters to Twitter.  When you post a new entry on your blog, the title of the entry is sent to Twitter, with a link to the full post.

Sample Tweet

Sample Tweet

Check it out and let me know what you think:

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  1. I like the idea and I took a peek at the site. I was hopping through a few user blogs and I have to say I really like the simplicity of the user blogs. They’re not loaded down with all the extra junk you see on so many blogs. It’s just focused on the content. Very nicely done!

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