Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Ad shows how out of touch they are

It took some of us a while to even figure out what point Microsoft’s new Windows 7 Phone ads were trying to make. Eventually I figured out they’re supposed to be telling us that the reason people lose themselves in their mobile phone is because it’s too slow – if the phone were only faster, people could do their “chores” on the phone and then get back to “real life” quicker.

Admittedly, the ads are kind of funny, in a silly way. But come on, it’s such a stupid premise. Microsoft is trying to tell us that people would rather use their $500 mobile phone less. What people? The fact is, real people love the damned things. That’s why they’re using them so much, Mr Ballmer. Someone (besides Microsoft) created a user experience that people actually want to use. Imagine that. They can’t.

In InfoWorld, Bill Snyder says:

… given how many mistakes Microsoft made in the design of the Windows Phone 7 OS, it probably makes sense to focus on not using the device. No one, as near as I can tell, will want to spend much time with it. Maybe the slogan should be “The smartphone for people who hate smartphones.”

And what does Microsoft highlight as some of these preferred activities? Sexy time, going to the bathroom, and walking down stairs. Yes, I supposed those are all things I’d rather do than use a Microsoft product.

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  1. I’m still utterly confused when I see the new Windows Phone 7 commercials. Sure they’re a little edgy but the commercials actually turn me off from buying one. I’d rather have a boring, feature filled commercial so I at least know what they’re trying to sell me.

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