#fixreplies hack – shows what Tweets you’re missing

UPDATE May 18 2009: fixed some bugs, removed Twitter API rate limit issues, and simplified usage to one simple HTML file

I put together a little hack that shows the tweets you’re no longer getting.

It’s pretty hacky and requires some manual labor to use, but some people may find it entertaining. I decided to do it all with Javascript so it requires nothing more than your own browser.  Also, that way I can provide all the code and let people see exactly how it works and perform whatever beautification they may want, etc.

Basically, it produces output like the following, showing the @reply tweets you didn’t see in your Twitter stream becaue you don’t follow the person the message is directed to.  In my case, it showed me 63 interesting tweets tonight. The output is something like this:


Each entry is shown with a link to the original Tweet on Twitter  so you can click to get the full details of the tweet.

How to use it

It is all in one HTML file: whatumissed.html.

You can copy and paste the above into a local file on your computer and open in your browser, or simply execute the version at mrblog.org directly (and “View Source” to see how it works):



  1. It should be pretty easy to turn off the diagnostic data if you like by using visibility: hidden for the “statusmsg” div in the html/script.
  2. There is no little CSS or other styling here – if you hack the code with cool CSS styling, please post back to me so others can benefit too.
  3. If you make other hacks to this code, or have other suggestions for me, please let me know.

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