Diversion: SF Giants 2009 HDTV games

I put a schedule like this together for 2008 and I’ve seen a number of hits looking for a 2009 version. Sorry for the delay folks, but here it is.

Once again, I combined data from the SF Giants site “broadcast schedule” and the Comcast Sports Net Bay Area site “Giants schedule” to produce a list of all games planned to be broadcast in HD this year. It assumes NBC and FOX are available in hi-def.

A ZIP file containing a CSV and ICS calendar can be downloaded here: hdgames2009.zip

DateTime (PT)OpponentChannel
05/15/200907:15 PMMets at GiantsNBC
05/16/200901:10 PMMets at GiantsFOX
05/17/200905:00 PMMets at GiantsESPN
05/19/200907:05 PMGiants at PadresCSN
05/20/200907:05 PMGiants at PadresCSN
05/21/200907:05 PMGiants at PadresCSN
05/22/200907:10 PMGiants at MarinersNBC
05/24/200901:10 PMGiants at MarinersCSN
05/25/200901:05 PMBraves at GiantsCSN
05/27/200907:15 PMBraves at GiantsCSN
05/29/200907:15 PMCardinals at GiantsNBC
05/30/200906:05 PMCardinals at GiantsCSN
05/31/200901:05 PMCardinals at GiantsCSN
06/10/200906:40 PMGiants at DiamondbacksCSN
06/12/200907:15 PMAthletics at GiantsCSN
06/13/200907:05 PMAthletics at GiantsNBC
06/14/200901:05 PMAthletics at GiantsCSN
06/15/200907:15 PMAngels at GiantsCSN
06/16/200907:15 PMAngels at GiantsCSN
06/17/200912:45 PMAngels at GiantsCSN
06/19/200907:15 PMRangers at GiantsCSN
06/20/200906:05 PMRangers at GiantsNBC
06/21/200901:05 PMRangers at GiantsCSN
06/22/200907:05 PMGiants at AthleticsNBC
06/24/200907:05 PMGiants at AthleticsCSN
06/29/200905:15 PMGiants at CardinalsCSN
06/30/200905:15 PMGiants at CardinalsCSN
07/01/200905:15 PMGiants at CardinalsCSN
07/03/200907:15 PMAstros at GiantsNBC
07/05/200901:05 PMAstros at GiantsCSN
07/06/200907:15 PMMarlins at GiantsCSN
07/07/200907:15 PMMarlins at GiantsCSN
07/09/200907:15 PMPadres at GiantsCSN
07/10/200907:15 PMPadres at GiantsCSN
07/11/200906:05 PMPadres at GiantsCSN
07/12/200901:05 PMPadres at GiantsCSN
07/24/200906:10 PMGiants at RockiesNBC
07/27/200907:15 PMPirates at GiantsCSN
07/28/200907:15 PMPirates at GiantsCSN
07/30/200907:15 PMPhillies at GiantsCSN
07/31/200907:15 PMPhillies at GiantsNBC
08/01/200906:05 PMPhillies at GiantsCSN
08/02/200901:05 PMPhillies at GiantsCSN
08/07/200907:15 PMReds at GiantsCSN
08/09/200901:05 PMReds at GiantsCSN
08/10/200907:15 PMDodgers at GiantsNBC
08/11/200907:15 PMDodgers at GiantsCSN
08/12/200912:45 PMDodgers at GiantsCSN
08/15/200904:10 PMGiants at MetsCSN
08/16/200910:10 AMGiants at MetsCSN
08/23/200912:10 PMGiants at RockiesCSN
08/25/200907:15 PMDiamondbacks at GiantsNBC
08/26/200907:15 PMDiamondbacks at GiantsCSN
08/27/200907:15 PMDiamondbacks at GiantsCSN
08/28/200907:15 PMRockies at GiantsNBC
08/29/200906:05 PMRockies at GiantsCSN
08/30/200901:05 PMRockies at GiantsCSN
09/05/200901:05 PMGiants at BrewersFOX
09/07/200901:05 PMPadres at GiantsCSN
09/08/200907:15 PMPadres at GiantsCSN
09/11/200907:15 PMDodgers at GiantsNBC
09/12/200906:05 PMDodgers at GiantsNBC
09/13/200901:05 PMDodgers at GiantsCSN
09/15/200907:15 PMRockies at GiantsCSN
09/16/200907:15 PMRockies at GiantsCSN
09/18/200903:33 AMGiants at DodgersNBC
09/19/200901:10 PMGiants at DodgersFOX
09/20/200901:10 PMGiants at DodgersCSN
09/22/200906:40 PMGiants at DiamondbacksCSN
09/24/200907:15 PMCubs at GiantsCSN
09/25/200907:15 PMCubs at GiantsCSN
09/26/200906:05 PMCubs at GiantsNBC
09/27/200901:05 PMCubs at GiantsCSN
09/29/200907:15 PMDiamondbacks at GiantsCSN
09/30/200907:15 PMDiamondbacks at GiantsCSN

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