Michael Robertson moves beyond Skype open/closed debate

Rather than bicker over what “open” means and whether Skype is open or not, Michael Robertson has just ignored the whole thing and taken action instead.


Today, Gizmo5 launched OpenSky, a SIP to Skype gateway. if you want to call a Skype user named echo123 you simply call SIP address  sip:echo123@opensky.gizmo5.com

The free version can be used by anyone for calls up to 5 minutes long. For longer calls, you need to use their paid service, which is $20 per year for individuals.

I guess this will test Skype’s claim that no one is asking for this service.

4 comments for “Michael Robertson moves beyond Skype open/closed debate

  1. Plugged it into Phweet works perfectly as long as the Skype contact is open to anonymous calls. Thats where I see the biggest problem. I can’t buy this service and use it unless I want to expose myself to any Skype spam caller. Even more important if I have my Skype forwarding to my mobile. But yes it works.

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