Republican, Bush Supporter, Rejects Bailout

At least one long-time Bush supporter has finally accepted the reality:

I was prepared to give Bush the benefit of some doubt on Iraq and other issues, but in my mind this latest attempt at attacking the Constitution, moving our country down the road toward socialism, is the last straw. The Bush Presidency is a nearly complete failure. Yes, it took me this long to realize it.

And regarding the bailout:

I’m no financial expert, but it doesn’t really take a financial expert to see that this doesn’t pass the “smell test.” It stinks. It is rotten to the core. It encourages irresponsibility, greed; it is perverse. Anyone in Congress who votes for it ought to pack and go home, because they don’t deserve to be in Congress.

This is one case where we have seen people from all sides coming together to oppose this bailout, even if for different reasons.