Corruption, cronyism, and political backstabbing – sound familiar?

In a continuation of the shadow government run in secrecy by Dick Cheney and an administration that is infamous for withholding information from the American public, Gov. Palin kept 1,100 emails from a freedom of information request. Her reason? “Executive privilege” Hmm… Where have we heard that before?

Andree McLeod, a Republican, filed a freedom of information request for emails regarding the case of a Palin-backed effort to oust the state chairman of the Alaska Republican party, Randy Ruedrich, according to The Raw Story:

Palin’s office provided McLeod with a 78-page list (PDF) cataloging the emails it was withholding. Many of them had been written by Palin or sent to her.

Of the withheld e-mails, at least four dozen include Todd Palin, and many of those refer either to the Public Service Employees Association, a union representing law enforcement officers in Alaska. Others including Todd Palin reference Andrew Halco, a former state lawmaker who ran as an independent against Sarah Palin in 2006. Since losing that race, he’s become a blogger who frequently criticizes Palin’s administration.