Skype – as broken as ever

Every time I’m forced to mess around with Skype, I find it still has issues making it not worth the effort.

Here’s the recent rash of the latest open issues:

  1. It will not deliver caller ID (of my US mobile) on SkypeOut PSTN calls to the US – it is all setup on the Skype Accounts page, but it still just delivers garbage to the call recipient.
  2. It will not send the SMS to verify the number for using in outbound SMS – is this hard?
  3. Presence is totally useless and never seems to show the actual presence of (specifically certain) users on the buddy list – it shows them as not connected (or undefined, the little question mark) when they are actually on-line and able to receive calls.

And once again, I say to myself, “Oh yeah – now I remember why I stopped using this before.”

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  1. Ed, Phweet is solving a different kind of problem from Skype (and Jajah and the rest). But the answer is yes, of course Phweet works with Linux. Since Phweet lets people use Flash, SIP, SkypeOut, or any phone for the voice channel, it works with any OS, including mobiles.

    Skype, Jajah, and the rest, are all about getting everybody on to the same system at the same time. Phweet is about letting people connect using what they already have, whether that’s Skype, SIP, PhoneGnome, or just a plain or mobile phone.

  2. Mr.Blog, I think there will be more movement in the industry away from having people be on the same type of service at the same time. I also think things will trend towards more simplicity where people can use any phone with a service simply because the learning curve and other barriers to access become lower/removed. In terms of technology, just look what the ipod did for portable music players by being simple.

  3. have to concur – i\\\’ve had status issues and notice when i had my Eee up in tokyo – status updates would work correctly – i really think it had something to do with the Mac OS X client – i never had this issue on WinXP prior (just an assertion)

    Skype seems to be having issues trying to keep up with the competition but at the end of the day, it is still the technology that has reliably come through for my non-techie friends and that was proven when my dad made his first video conf call overseas!

    all the other perks and features are great for us power users (and yes I do want them) but nothing pale in comparison to how poorly iChat AV works – I love Apple (and saw <a href=\\"\\">your other post</a>) and don\\\’t know what to say – if you integrate a messenger client into the OS, it had better god damn work! that said, I hope they get these issues ironed out in Snow Leopard – i really do want to multi-way video chat, screen share, and use the theater component – all great ideas!

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