PhoneGnome launches virtual PBX features

Today PhoneGnome introduced the new “PhoneGnome for Business” product with “Virtual Receptionist” for small/medium business (SMB) communication.

The service works with or without the PhoneGnome box, but one of the unique things about it is that when using it with the $100 box, you can use any existing number with the “Virtual Receptionist” (as your company’s main number) and get free inbound minutes. If you set up each virtual location with the box, all inter-office calls and transfers will be 100% free – even if those locations are oceans apart.

And what’s nice about the PhoneGnome approach is you don’t have to be a SIP or VOIP expert to set it up – the box self-configures when you connect it, doesn’t need a computer, and you use your existing regular phone numbers to call and transfer.

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