Diversion: SF Giants 2008 HDTV games

For 2008, the San Francisco Giants TV rights were sold to NBC-11 (KNTV) and Comcast Sports Bay Area. The SF Giants site has a cool feature to download a CSV game schedule. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include data about TV or radio broadcasts and the broadcast schedule on the site doesn’t specify which games are Hi-def.

I combined data from the SF Giants site “broadcast schedule” and the Comcast Sports Net Bay Area “Giants HD schedule” to produce a list of all games planned to be broadcast in HD this year. It assumes NBC and FOX are available in hi-def.


DateTime (PT)OpponentChannel
Wednesday, June 116:05 PM@ RockiesCSN-BA
Thursday, June 1212:05 PM@ RockiesCSN-BA
Friday, June 137:15 PMvs AthleticsNBC-11
Saturday, June 146:05 PMvs AthleticsCSN-BA
Sunday, June 151:05 PMvs AthleticsCSN-BA
Monday, June 167:15 PMvs TigersCSN-BA
Tuesday, June 177:15 PMvs TigersNBC-11
Saturday, June 214:10 PM@ RoyalsCSN-BA
Friday, June 277:05 PM@ AthleticsNBC-11
Saturday, June 286:05 PM@ AthleticsNBC-11
Sunday, June 291:05 PM@ AthleticsCSN-BA
Monday, June 307:15 PMvs CubsCSN-BA
Tuesday, July 17:15 PMvs CubsNBC-11
Wednesday, July 27:15 PMvs CubsCSN-BA
Friday, July 41:05 PMvs DodgersCSN-BA
Saturday, July 56:05 PMvs DodgersCSN-BA
Sunday, July 61:05 PMvs DodgersCSN-BA
Friday, July 187:15 PMvs BrewersNBC-11
Sunday, July 201:05 PMvs BrewersCSN-BA
Friday, July 257:15 PMvs DiamondbacksNBC-11
Saturday, July 266:05 PMvs DiamondbacksNBC-11
Sunday, July 271:05 PMvs DiamondbacksCSN-BA
Monday, July 287:10 PM@ DodgersCSN-BA
Tuesday, July 297:10 PM@ DodgersCSN-BA
Wednesday, July 307:10 PM@ DodgersCSN-BA
Saturday, August 27:05 PM@ PadresCSN-BA
Sunday, August 31:05 PM@ PadresCSN-BA
Monday, August 47:15 PMvs BravesCSN-BA
Wednesday, August 612:45 PMvs BravesCSN-BA
Friday, August 87:15 PMvs DodgersCSN-BA
Saturday, August 96:05 PMvs DodgersCSN-BA
Sunday, August 101:05 PMvs DodgersCSN-BA
Saturday, August 164:00 PM@ BravesCSN-BA
Wednesday, August 207:15 PMvs MarlinsCSN-BA
Friday, August 227:15 PMvs PadresCSN-BA
Saturday, August 2312:55 PMvs PadresFOX
Monday, August 257:15 PMvs RockiesCSN-BA
Tuesday, August 267:15 PMvs RockiesNBC-11
Wednesday, August 277:15 PMvs RockiesCSN-BA
Wednesday, September 312:05 PM@ RockiesCSN-BA
Friday, September 57:15 PMvs PiratesCSN-BA
Monday, September 87:15 PMvs DiamondbacksCSN-BA
Tuesday, September 97:15 PMvs DiamondbacksCSN-BA
Friday, September 127:05 PM@ PadresNBC-11
Monday, September 156:40 PM@ DiamondbacksCSN
Friday, September 197:40 PM@ DodgersNBC-11
Saturday, September 207:10 PM@ DodgersCSN-BA
Sunday, September 211:10 PM@ DodgersCSN-BA
Tuesday, September 237:15 PMvs RockiesCSN-BA
Friday, September 267:15 PMvs DodgersNBC-11
Saturday, September 276:05 PMvs DodgersCSN-BA
Sunday, September 281:05 PMvs DodgersCSN-BA

Download CSV

Update Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DirecTV is changing the channels for three stations as of today:

Comcast SportsNet Bay Area: 696; CSNBA HD: 696-1; CSNBA Plus: 697

Unfortunately DirecTV’s on-line guide (and DVR guide for that matter) don’t keep these channels up to date so it’s a real pain in the neck to set up recording.