Videoconferencing predictions past and present

This week we’ve seen many references to “recently released” research suggesting that videoconferencing may finally be ready to take off.

Videoconferencing – a much talked about, but seldom-used technology – may finally be earning its spurs within the enterprise.

85 per cent of respondents polled either use or plan to use video conferencing.

Forty one per cent of those questioned are also using, or investigating the use of so-called telepresence

But here’s the thing: We’ve seen this before. For example:

“Videoconferencing gains momentum”
Jul 18, 2007

“Video Conferencing Gains Ground”
Sep 17, 2007

“Videoconferencing is likely to gain momentum”
Apr 4, 2007

“Videoconferencing Gains Momentum”
Sep 7, 2001

Despite years of false starts and unfulfilled promises, here we go again. Whether we are talking one year ago, seven years ago, or 25 years ago, the theme is always the same. It goes like this: “while we acknowledge that videoconferencing has never met adoption expectations in the past, we believe that is because of INSERT EXCUSE HERE and with our new INSERT WIZBANG TECHNOLOGY DIFFERENCE HERE we are sure adoption will explode this time.”

Hint – it’s not a technology problem.

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  1. You’re seeing the hype again because Cisco is paying for it. Cisco’s TelePresence (new name!) initiative was hatched by Marthin DeBeer and they have a lot riding on getting it adopted…

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