Carolyn Schuk nails VoIP Industry with a Reality Check

Carolyn (aka the “VoIP Princess”) writes ostensibly about Yahoo/Jajah and the AOL/AIM Open Voice project. But really, it’s something for the VoIP Industry at large to take note of:

…take a walk with me down memory lane: Yahoo! buys Dialpad. AOL announces VoIP rollout. eBay buys Skype. Google buys GrandCentral.

As Carolyn notes, all of these were supposed to change the world trigger some kid of major disruption.

And the industry-disrupting results were…?

I’m waiting.

A good friend recently told me that it’s time for someone to write the postmortem for VoIP 2.0 – I suggested he should do it – I’m not sure I have the stomach for it and nobody would want to hear my version of it anyway.