Yahoo selects Jajah as PSTN termination provider

There’s something about this that I’m not getting. Others have hailed this as some kind “next big thing” – Jon Arnold said:

it’s one of the best examples I’ve seen about bringing telephony and the web together.

I don’t see it that way. Yahoo! selected Jajah as their PSTN termination provider. Unlike whoever they were using before, this time they announced publicly who the underlying wholesaler is. Skype uses some number of providers, and it’s not big news when they get a new one or drop one.

I realize there is a difference with this Yahoo! model, in that Jajah is performing the billing and “minute accounting”, rather than the usual wholesale models, such a say Level3, where Level3 provides their reseller with one giant bill for all minutes, and it’s up to the reseller (e.g. Skype or whoever) to track and bill the minutes to the right customers. Sure, that’s different, and, sure, it potentially puts Jajah on the map, but I don’t see how that makes this deal “the next big 2.0”

btw one of my ventures voovox (gratuitous plug) offers the same thing for any sized company (the tracking of minutes, selling at a markup, etc).