eComm 2008 note

Overall, a terrific conference, easily picking up where Etel left off.

Unfortunately, live blogging was not practical as Internet access at the conference was too flakey. No matter, as many other bloggers are covering the conference and doing so much better than I could.

One thing that suprised me was how big this conference was. Given the number of speakers (I think it’s almost 100), I was expecting the audience to be made up of more speakers than attendees, but that clearly is not the case. Lee Dryburgh has clearly done a great job promoting the conference and the community has showed up, literally from far and wide, to support him. And that is a very good thing.

Like the old Etel, this conference has been a treat in creating the opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and make new acquaintances that are sure to blossom.

And, by the way, I still believe Thomas Howe and James Body can peacefully coexist. 🙂