Why should Betamax add support if they can get away without it?

Markus Gobel reported about a potential Betamax/Paypal fraud issue:

At the Voxalot forum most of us couldn’t believe these charges, since most of these penny pinchers there are quite satisfied with Betamax’ offers. Of course their customer service is terrible…

I have to repeat my claim to Betamax: Please be more open! Get a press department! Talk to your customers!

Why should they go to the trouble of providing support if they can get away without it, Markus? As long as all of the “penny pinchers” on voxalot keep subscribing to their service and giving them money and bragging about how great they are, Betamax has no incentive to waste any time or money on a system to listen to the gripes and whines of their cheap customers. They figure (perhaps rightly) that if these are the same customers that will put up with “terrible customer service” just to save a few pennies, they are probably also the type that will suck up all kinds of tech support costs, way beyond their ROI value.

Instead, companies like Betamax dump their support hassles upon the companies in the industry that actually care what their customers say about them, about things like their “reputation” and such – these are the companies absorbing the tech support costs for companies like Betamax. At least, that is, until they go out of business for doing so.

So if you really want Betamax to change, Markus, don’t complain on your blog – talk with your wallet and give your money to a company that does offer support, has a press department, and talks to their customers.

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  1. thats interesting, because that is exactly what our company is putting in the forefront. We are making customer service is priority, and even though we may not be as large as the others–yet–we pride ourself on having not only top customer service, but a prime and growing marketing and press department.

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