Etel: so long, young friend

O’Reilly’s Emerging Telephony conference was by far the most fun of any VoIP conference for me. It was the place to find the most cutting edge telephony developments and always was attended by the most interesting audience and speakers. I really enjoyed working with Surj Patel and all the O’Reilly folks.

It’s sad to see this conference and related website winding down so soon, after just a couple of iterations. It will be a blow to the VoIP industry.

O’Reilly cutting back so sharply on their coverage of the VoIP space speaks to my recent assertion that VoIP is stagnant. An outfit as cutting edge as O’Reilly has decided VoIP isn’t newsworthy or interesting enough to their constituency. That is pretty telling.

2 comments for “Etel: so long, young friend

  1. Etel 2008 cancelled? No chance!

    Join the EComm facebook group here:

    Watch these two domains:

    Over the next month. Lot of folks were very unhappy at the cancellation of ETel, that is why many leaders in that community have banded together to continue it onwards.

    PS ETel NEVER was about VoIP! We leave that to other shows as we found that boring from the start!

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