3 comments for “Time for a change of direction?

  1. Oh no!

    Please don’t do that. Please don’t stop blogging about VoIP. I realized that the good VoIP stories are drying out these days. Om Malik even declared that there is nothing interesting anymore in the VoIP industry. I love your lateral thinking posts, like when you say that Jaxtr’s numbers don’t add up or that Ooma could be considered toll fraud. Nobody said that before! Most VoIP blogs just copy press releases, or lately many of them loose their time talking about the Facebook hype.

    Please don’t stop blogging about VoIP! It is your right to do that and it’s good that your comprehensive blog posts give you credibility in the VoIP industry where you also work. Of course your blog can never be so comprehensive as to hurt the PhoneGnome’s business. One should never forget that it’s an entrepreneur writing.

    That’s why I said it’s a business tool.

  2. I would agree with Markus, there are few good knowledgeable people who can intelligently comment on the VoIP developments. These not only enlightens the lesser mortals, but also triggers some thinking among the other bloggers.

    I think you should not be disturbed by one comment, blogs are here for making comments and it is upto the discretion of the reader to evaluate the blog.

    Look forward to read your blogs again.

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