Ooma vs. PhoneGnome debate rages on

If I were not personally a direct protagonist in the debate, the Ooma vs. PhoneGnome thing would be one of the most interesting things going on in VoIP right now and I’d sure have some things to say about it here. Unfortunately, my direct involvement leaves Mr Blog out of this rather fun topic for the most part.

FierceVoIP did interview me last week, and that went on their site today (see PhoneGnome answers ooma’s call). Many thanks to Senior Editor Deborah McAdams for giving me the opportunity.

I’d certainly like to see more real-world PhoneGnome users jumping in, as a lot of the comments seem to be of somewhat “questionable” origin, IMHO, with out-of-date information and suspiciously consistent falsehoods, almost as though they are all the same person or working off the same script.