PhoneGnome puts up a Peer-to-Peer VoIP challenge

While many bloggers seem mostly cool on Ooma, the traditional media and capital markets seem to be all gung ho for it (they already got Walt Mossberg to review it).

So if the market movers and shakers like it, why not jump on board? PhoneGnome is offering a quick path to anybody with visions of creating their own Ooma-like service with a {{link

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  1. Well, seems that all the OOMA hype of late July has already died down by the middle of August. I suspect this reflects on the general interest in what OOMA is claiming to do (now that the facts are known).

    Anyway, for those intersted, I’ve put together a description of everything I’ve come up that is wrong with OOMA.

  2. Mike, your site requests feedback and further info, but it doesn’t seem to provide a mechanism for actually sending it. Please make the email address to send comments/information to more visible or provide some other way for sending you additional information.

  3. The web site was taken offline under threat of legal action by ooma, claiming that it contained many untruths and was slanderous. They would not detail what they though was untrue or try to provide corrections.

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