SunRocket Affiliate program shutdown significant?

A number of people have reported about Linkshare putting SunRocket “on hold” as a merchant (see Garrett Smith’s post for example).

Om Malik and Andy Abramson have both hinted that the company may have serious problems. There were many rumors flying about and recently the Washington Post confirmed July 3 that SunRocket laid-off a quarter of its workforce, about 30 employees, to ‘reduce costs.’

Linkshare questions the “capability of SunRocket to remit payment” for referrals. As far as I know, SunRocket has made no official statements about this, so it’s hard to say if this is just a scuffle with Linkshare specifically, or something more than that.

SunRocket has reportedly received $80 million in venture capital. Considering what Vonaga has spentwasted, $80 million is nothing, but it’s still a lot of cheese, if you ask me.

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  1. MagicJack is a better service in all aspects. customer service, rates, features etc

  2. With Sunrocket having shut down, I wanted to mention that myphonecompany is still alive and kicking. They have a promotion where you get the fourth month free with agent sign up… and they also have a plan called mydevice that allows you to use your existing equipment and myphonecompany service for a lower fee. They also have an expanded international calling radius. You can even port your existing SunRocket Number to myphonecompany for FREE! MyPhoneCompany requires 911 service on your account due to new FCC regulations. It costs a one time $15.00 activation fee, and is an additional $1.50 per month. This surcharge will appear on any and all VOIP services due to the new FCC Regulations.

  3. great tip about sunrocket’s affiliate program.

    This is a huge shack up in the affiliate voip space. I recall that email but didn’t put it together that this could mean that sunrocket was going down.

    This will change the industry of "players", which means a huge oppening for pingo’s voip phone card affiliates

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