Charles Cooper lowers value of CNET for me

I have not been following Charles Cooper for any length of time, but his mean-spirited style turns me off. So much so, you won’t find any links to his posts here.

I know I’ve been accused of tossing out flaimbait and being harsh at times myself, but Cooper’s posts go too far for me and seem to be more about personal attacks than substantive debate. His recent dig on Jerry Yang and Yahoo! is such an example.

I guess that’s his schtick. But when I first read Cooper’s recent attack on Michael Arrington, Om Malik, and others, I thought it must be a forgery. Nobody with a title of “Executive Editor” at a publication as big and well known as C|NET could be so unprofessional – this looked like the work of some spoiled brat school boy.

C|Net has not been on my A-list for a long time, when it comes to quality information, but Cooper’s stuff has taken that to a whole new level. I have almost no respect for this publication now. This is the kind of stuff I expect to find on on a My Space page but I don’t expect it from my branded news sources.