Am I the oldest Net “Omnivore”?

According to the Pew survey, I’m within the Omnivores typology group.

I certainly don’t fit the age demographic (more than half omnivores are under age 30). I expected to be classified as a “Lackluster Veteran” — that sounds lot more like me 🙂

When taking the survey, I thought it was a little weak, with not enough nuance to the responses. There are too many “have you EVER done X” (even once?) type questions. It makes me question the general results, or at least the suggestion that you can define a group to a strong degree with such weak input data. The input is also over a year old.

That said, I’m not surprised with the result that Low (or no) tech users make up 49% of the population. It’s easy to lose sight of that when most your friends are more heavy net users (the 31% so-called Elite).