Finally, we see another perspective on Twitter

Tom Keating cracked me up with his Ringback Videos, Twitter – Bah! post.

I know my fellow techies see Twitter as one of the coolest Web 2.0 social applications on the Internet, but personally I could careless about Twitter. Do I really need to share my Sanjaya Faux Mohawk personal details with the entire world? … Web 2.0 for me has just jumped the shark.

Indeed. Twitter is SO popular among the “in” crowd, it takes guts to provide an alternative viewpoint., but Tom’s got the cred to do it.

For me, if some people like Twitter, great, but any time something becomes that trendy and fashionable, it sets off my alarms. For my part, I see an application of Twitter as a variation on the IRC back-channel at conferences, but beyond that, I’ll be at the bar with Tom .