Judge issues permanent injunction against Vonage

See: AP Story

Vonage tells their customers they will work around the patents even if the injunction cannot be stayed pending appeal.

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  1. Verizon’s new scam is its Freedom Value offer of a flat rate at $36.00 per month, sometimes $39.00, depending on who is calling; India or Tiawan. The first month of my new Freedom Value was $163.00 plus. Next was $65.00. At this, my old bill was 20-30% less. Verizon will not talk, negotiate or back off. I think Verizon should be bandrupt and CEOs prosecuted for fraud. What can a small business do against these theives who get their laws passed by a corrupt US Congress? Even AT&T guarantees a $50. flat rate and sticks to it; of course they both charge long distance rates, whether you use long distance or not. Complete thievery. Cut out land lines and go all cell phones and efax.

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