No talking allowed with the new Google ‘Talk’ gadget

I’ve seen a lot of buzz about the new GoogleTalk gadget that can be placed on your personalized Google home page.

As best I can tell, this is an IM-only tool — there is no ‘talking’ involved (no mic or headset required). Somewhat misleading, if you ask me.

I actually find it interesting that Google defines their GoogleTalk service as an instant messaging service whereas Skype is clearly seen as a voice-commications tool first, and IM second. Clicking a person on Skype, by default, initiates a call, not an IM.

I think this apparently subtle difference is very telling.

2 comments for “No talking allowed with the new Google ‘Talk’ gadget

  1. Yes, that is different, but for all the IMs, not only text chat and VoIP have IMs, but also can be mini-RSS reader, alert and track, like Anothr’s Skype/gtalk RSS service.

  2. You’re right about the name. It’s misleading to put "talk" into the name when you don’t offer a VoIP service, like Skype.

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