A regular user speaks

Richard Hearne defines himself as someone who is “relatively ignorant” of the VoIP space. Even if that’s true, he obviously understands consumers. Take a look at some of his comments:

The big problem I see with all these telephony products is that while they might save me x%, or allow free calls, they do not make the process of making the call any simpler. Invariably they involve adding another step or steps to the process. I don�t know much about the telecoms space, but my take is that none of the products released make my life easier. Cheaper yes, but not easier.

…The product that really wins in this space is one which simultaneously simplifies the process while also delivering additional value. [VoIP products] are never going to completely disrupt the status quo unless the product itself makes my life easier, not more complex.


3 comments for “A regular user speaks

  1. Aswath, wholesale replacement UI’s on the phone device itself are neither necessary nor sufficient to address the problem of providing convenienece and value.

    I have nothing against it, but it’s orthoganal to this point.

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