Rattling cages, Moi?

This post is not likely to make many friends, but if I said what I really want to say, it would be even worse. So consider, as inflammatory as this post may appear, bear in mind that it is in fact highly “tempered”.

I’m absolutely floored by the magnitude and degree of inane comments and responses I’ve seen all over the net to my recent Where are the Voice 2.0 developers? post. Now, admitedly, it had an air of flamebait for sure. And there have been some insightful responses, such as Andy’s and Jeff’s, and others, but I’ll speak to these rational responses in a post for some other day. This post is about blowing off steam. So, enjoy.

What annoys me are the posts from those recognized as experts, those looked up to as the people that understand how all this telephony and VoIP stuff works. When those people say something so horrendously misguided or inaccurate, it drives me nuts. It’s one thing when a run-of-the-mill wannabe geek says something silly, but when people that I would expect to know better can be this ill-informed, well it just makes me lose hope of a brighter future for VoIP and telephony any time soon.

It almost makes me wonder whether they are really that clueless or is it more sinister? Are they in fact intentionally misrepresenting things for their own purposes? Perhaps in a faw cases, but mostly it’s just small and shallow thinking from people that unfortunately carry the weight of big thinkers.

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