Reliving my youth

I fell in love with the lowrider movement in the seventies. I suspect part of it was for reasons that are similar to why I liked punk rock – it shook people up. It was “wrong”. The tires are too small. It’s not practical. It can’t go fast.

Here’s the new ride:

Yes, I’m a wannabe. I’ll admit it. Here we were in the late seventies, all driving these hot rods with fat tires, all jacked up. Then, along come these Chicanos with their amazing cars that turned all the rules upside-down. Instead of high, they were low. Instead of big fat tires, they had skinny little ones. I was hooked. The ’70 is the car I wanted to build back then. I had a ’61 Impala and even a ’66 Delta 88 lowrider, but I thought the ’70 would make a really awesome low low. I’ve had a vision in mind ever since. This car is not quite there yet, but it will get there, and it should be fun bouncing this baby down the boulevard in the mean time.

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  1. Ahhhh yes, 1977, the 61′ Impala … I remember it well. Keggers out in the field, cruizing along with the sterio blasting … Now it’s 2007 and being stuck on the freeway during an hour long commute (in an SUV) just isn’t the same as great old cars and the good old days !

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