Who’s Really Blocking VoIP?

VoIP-Sol.com drops ten names of ISPs or Countries blocking VoIP with a fair bit of detail for each. It looks reasonably accurate. The short version?

  1. Panama
  2. Belize
  3. Caribbean
  4. Clearwire (USA)
  5. Madison River (USA)
  6. Telmex (Mexico)
  7. Brazil
  8. UAE
  9. China (China gets #9 and #10 on the list)

They suggest a service called Bound-IP (an apoplication that runs on a Windows PC) as a work-around, at least for software VoIP applications running on that PC, but looking at that software/service, it doesn’t look like Bound-IP would be very difficult to block either. It might work for a while, but if it gets popular as a work-around, these same ISPs/Countries could probably also block Bound-IP pretty easily.