Flagship VoIP Companies Customer Support Benchmark

Want to know what kind of customer service the average user receives from these well-known darlings of the VoIP industry? Yes, I’m doing it. I’m naming names. Try for yourself and see if your experience differs from mine:

Jajah – filled out their web site form. Never received a response after the automated bot responded indicating that someone would get back to me within 18 hours.

Skype – Email and web forms. No responses received.

Voipbuster, Voipstunt, SIPdiscount et al (see Betamax group of VoIP providers) – no responses (no way to even request support in some cases)

Voicepulse – They have an on-line trouble report system. They respond, but the responses are generally useless. It gets to a point where reporting a problem is generally a waste of time, unless the problem persists for more than a day, because their first response, even if nothing has changed on your end, is to have you capture and compile a huge bunch of data that takes a lot of time, and generally by then, Voicepulse has fixed whatever was wrong on their end, making the whole exercise frivolous.

A few positive exceptions:

Junction Networks – A little lot more expensive than other SIP termination providers, but they always respond quickly to support issues.

Callcentric.com – They have an on-line trouble tracking system as well. I have received responses to queries. However, I have not received a resolution to any problems yet.

Inphonex – Always responsive. Sometimes they don’t give the answer I want (particularly in terms of supporting a feature I’d like), but they always respond professionally and technical problems are generally resolved quickly.

Gafachi – Like Inphonex, they have always been responsive, but sometimes don’t give me the answer I want. I have been able to reach knowledgeable and competent technical staff.

Diamondcard.us – This company has been responsive so far as well, and they have provided fairly deep technical support.

Many of the often hyped VoIP companies offer no contact info at all on their sites: no email, nothing. In many cases you can’t even figure out the legal entity that operates the thing. How this passes for acceptable, let alone the “awesome” reputation some of these companies have, is nothing short of extraordinary.

3 comments for “Flagship VoIP Companies Customer Support Benchmark

  1. On Jajah, I was a new user a month ago. I filed a form to see if one could initiate calls by SMS. I got a response back in 24 hours which I thought was acceptable. I didn’t get the answer I wanted either.

  2. I got a quick and efficient reply from Skype’s customer support. The same with iConnectHere – a quick and useful response.

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