More Blog Tag

Well Jeff is getting quite a bit of “traction” for his Blog Tag game.

I have been tagged by Phoneboy and TheVOIPGirl.

My life is pretty much an open book, so there may not be that much people online don’t know about me, but below is my attempt to identify five such things:

  1. Being an ex-security professional, I’m paranoid about providing details about my personal life like this, fearing it may help some sleazeball steal my identity or hack my real life.
  2. When I was a teen, I left home with $80. I gave $20 each to three friends and together we hitchhiked to Washington state on the Canadian border. I lived and worked there for that summer and returned for subsequent summers to earn money for college. Someday I should write a story about that adventure.
  3. I am a published Sci-fi writer. I had a short story entitled “Blue Skies” published. Nope, I won’t provide a reference, and good luck finding it (I did, however, use my real name, despite all my friends who told me not to. My reason: it was the only way anybody would believe I really got a story published)
  4. One of my guilty pleasures is Ernest movies.
  5. I’m a California history buff (mostly Northern California, the great emigration, the gold rush, particularly). My great-great-grandparents came to California from Virginia in 1860 as Presbyterian missionaries. That makes my son a fourth generation native Californian (my great-great-grandfather was born in Virgina but was only about age 10 when they came across the country via wagon).

I’ll hit some atypical bloggers to see if we can expand beyond the usual suspects with this: Mark Petrovic, Stuart Henshall and Aswath Rao..