The myth of the two party system

It might take another 50 years for the formal demise, but as a practical matter, the patient is dead.

The democrats think they won. It seems more like the republicans lost to me. Both sides are guilty of seeing the world through their bi-partisan glasses. It seems fewer and fewer people are voting a straight ticket, and more and more are voting based on their own values.

The democrats seem to think they have a mandate and that the population has turned blue, when the real truth is a lot softer. Sure, there are still the fraternal party loyalists, through thick and thin, but they’re becoming a minority. The rest of us might register as one or the other (or not) but not necessarily tow the party line.

I’d wager a lot of people that voted them in, are now praying to god that the democrats don’t actually do half the things they promised. It’s not that voters want to hear a bunch self-aggrandizing democrats right now. Don’t flatter yourself, Democratic party. It’s just that voters had seen enough of the crooks, liars, hypocrites, and child molesters. Keep this in mind, and you’ll do okay. Lose sight of it, and you’ll be right back where you had been for so long and Rove et al will be running things again.