Yahoo/Linksys – Barn burner or ho hum USB phone?

Russell says we should all be more excited about the Yahoo!/Linksys Dual Mode Cordless Phone. Frankly, as an end-user and given what we’ve learned about real hosuehold phone users, I’m not stirred.

The brands are big, and they will have distribution, so that’s certianly a force to consider. But in terms of the product itself, what’s the big deal? $99.99 and I still need to connect it to my PC and have my PC turned on and running the Yahoo! client to make net calls? That’s not an experience suited to many people. If they’re on the computer already, what’s the point of the phone. When using the phone, why would they want to contribute to global warming by leaving their computer on?

As we know (hint hint) there are hardware options that integrate with a home phone service that cost far less, are interoperable, produce no noise, and require 1000x less power. The cost of leaving a PC on is more than the long distance bill for a lot of people.

I don’t see the Yahoo! box finding a happy place with the majority of people. It’s too geeky for most and not geeky enough for the rest. I must say that I do appreciate Russell for being contrary, but I would have to say the pundits have had just about the right reaction to the announcement.