Blue humble pie

According to (and other sites), the Dems have taken control of both the House and the Senate. The House is pretty much a lock while the Senate is almost too close to call, and it looks like there will be recounts, lawsuits, and such, and so it may be some time before it is ultimately decided.

At the time of writing, the icons above indicated 51/49 for the senate and 239/195/1 for the house. They are dynamic links and should update with the live status as the final counts come in.

For me, what I’m really looking forward to is watching the right-wing pundits (or crazy-cons as I affectionately refer to them) suffering the new likely Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Next to maybe Jane Fonda, Cindy Sheehan or perhaps the Dixie Chicks, it would be hard to find anyone that annoyed the Ann Coulters, Bill O’Reillys, and Rush Limbaughs more.