My prediction: It will NOT be a Blue Tuesday

I’ve heard the roar for months now about how the Republicans will lose congress this mid-term. I’m not buying it. We heard the same thing throughout 2001 when all the “experts” were sure people would wake up from their stupor and W. would be a one-term president.

Perhaps it’s the “experts” that need to wake up.

Everyone is so sure that Dems will take over the majority of at least the House and many also assume the Senate as well.

I certainly feel that this Republican leadership has had its chance and it’s time for a change. But like most people, I find that votes for most Democrats on the ballet have to be made while holding one’s nose. And if I feel that way, I can only imagine how a Bush supporter in 2004 must feel now, when considering voting Democrat as their only option for making a statement to the Republicans that have let them down.

Given all the ammunition the Republicans have provided over the last several years, it’s pretty incredible how the Democrats (a) lost in 2004, and (b) might only gain a few seats here and there, if any, and probably by slim margins. Give the Republicans the same kind of ammunition to use against the Democrats and you’d have an absolute landslide. To that, one has to concede that the Republicans are vastly superior politicians. If these guys can perform this poorly, and not be faced with revolt among their supporters, one has to wonder how bad things would have to get.

That’s why I predict, come Wednseday, there will be as much Red as ever, and there will be lots of stunned Democrats wondering where it all went wrong, again.

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  1. Of course, it’s now a mostly blue Wednesday – but the fact that part of this is due to the donkey boys putting forward old elephants in donkey disguise (e.g. Webb in Virginia) to do it… one has to wonder if the guys in the back room are laughing hysterically at the fact that maybe not a lot is going to change… now that the quagmire in Iraq belongs to the Dems (that’s why they won, right?), one has to wonder if this is a Rove gambit to keep the White House in GOP hands for 2008… time will tell.

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