CUSTOMER-MADE Great… For someone else

In scanning an article over at TRENDWATCHING.COM called “CUSTOMER-MADE” which they define as “the phenomenon of corporations creating goods, services and experiences in close cooperation with consumers” a few things caught my attention.

There’s irony here. They claim the phenomenon is gettting “bigger and bigger” however many (most?) of the links to real-world examples in the article are now dead, with no trace.

Also I find it the ultimate irony that the “CUSTOMER-MADE” article and indeed the entire TRENDWATCHING.COM site itself has no place for customer feedback of any kind, that I can find.

I like the article, and the “CUSTOMER-MADE” concept a lot, and I’m going to spend some more time trying to see how to implement this concept at TelEvolution for PhoneGnome, but I found the above amusing. I’m in a weird mood today, I guess.