Today I agreed to do something that I consider a bit dishonorable. I agreed to remove a posting from this blog, the content of which I would stand behind. I took the path of less confrontation. Those that know me, know I seldom take the easy road and that I usually demonstrate courage in my convictions (perhaps to a fault).

Thankfully, it is a rather small matter, and life will go on. But I don’t feel good about it.

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  1. Interesting.

    There seems to be a general belief that on the internet information can be unpublished (unlike newspapers or books) and would consequently have never existed. But it is a false perception. As soon as you put something out it takes a life on its own through indexing / linking / cross-referencing.

    To me, unpublishing the post serves little purpose. I hope that whoever put pressure on you is getting some satisfaction out of the incident but I am afraid that your point is made and is available out there for everybody to read despite you unpublishing the story.

    Give my regards to you-know-who 😉

  2. Interesting indeed!

    However, it would seems that Sean Kane, (or his lawyer) contacted you to get this post removed.

    Perhaps it had the effect of getting Sean to respond and giving you a chance to get your money back.

    I hope that you did.

    And it certainly takes the courage of your convictions to post your disquiet at having agreed to remove the post.

  3. Hi!
    As many know for a long time, Vocaltec is a step before closing. Today most of the workers are fired, including the CEO, Alon Ganor, who is responsible for the bad situation that Vocaltec has faced. It is a sad day for the pioneer of the VoIP industry.
    Anyway, the VoIP industry here is strong enogh and there are lot af strong firms and start-ups here. Yesterday, Cisco aquired one of them (Sheer Networks)… more than >200 more Start-Up firms are here in the VoIP arean, ready to be aquired…

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