Good SIP Softphone?

So I’ve looked at a lot of SIP softphones and I cannot find one that I like and that works reliably on Windows (cough, cough, long story).

X-ten works, but the user interface is so unusual.

SJPhone is buggy for me (unreliable, crashes a lot).

In fact, so far, X-ten has been the only one that seems pretty reliable. Again this is on a Windows XP platform. Anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. Try Firefly. It’s a SIP/IAX client. I used it with an IAX2 service provider and it worked very well. I don’t know about SIP but if the implementation is similar, it’s a great tool.

  2. I should have mentioned that I also couldn’t get Firefly to work either. It simply locks up frequently (‘Task not responding’ requiring a forced ‘End task’ to kill it).

  3. I’ve been using DIAX (version 0.9.10g). It’s ugly, but it works more often than anything else I’ve tried.

  4. Given the SIP protocols short commings, consider using IAX if possible. There are 2 softphones I use for the 2 far ends of the Tech spectrum. For the Techy, DIAX no install needed, and for the less Techy FireFly. Both support IAX and the first is very clean and stable.

  5. Saw the FireFly post after I posted. I have never had any luck using FireFly for SIP, but it works best using IAX and iLBC, lean and mean.

  6. use the Windows Messenger 5.1 with SIP.
    _NOT_ newer ones becaue the SIP extension isn’t there anymore.

  7. Ok, I found Express Talk from NCH Swift Sound:

    It does STUN and SIP, has a clean interface, and appearrs to work really well (Windows XP), so far.

  8. Interested to know which Xten softphone you have tried and if you have tried the new eyeBeam 1.1 Softphone from Xten. It has new features such as wideband codec support, Video and SIP based IM and Presence? If you are interested in a free demo of its capabilities go to

  9. Damaka looks interesting too: The site says it’s peer-to-peer SIP, and compatible with other SIP networks and SIP providers. It’s more than a SIP client obviously. I’ll give it a try and report back.

  10. MrBlog is right about damaka. I have tried damaka and I really like it. Yes MrBlog, it is indeed more than just a SIP client… according to their website and of course I quote…
    "damaka is the first company in the world to provide an innovative SIP-based end-to-end solution with softswitching capabilities for a Peer-to-Peer communication." It offers a lot of interesting features (much more than I have seen in other SIP client) – check out their features @

    But the reasons I use damaka:
    1) simple to use (about time someone thought about the poor customer!!!)
    2) great audio quality
    3) secure / p2p
    4) free voicemail
    5) great IM features (with text to speach)
    6) I can connect to my friends on FWD

    I am eagerly waiting for the PSTN and Video…

    * sippedoutyoda *

  11. MrBlog,

    Did you get a chance to try out damaka???

    They have added voicemail, video, call recording in their last few releases.

    Check out the other features

    Let me know what you think!

    — sippedoutyoda —

  12. I have use Sippax softphone from vidosystem
    for my vonage service. I can get free g729 codec which compare to xten.

  13. Have you heard of a SIP P2P company called DAMAKA ( Their websites says that their application runs on Windows and they can do instant messages, email, audio calls, audio conference, H.264 video, video conference, voice mail, file sharing, and now desktop sharing all end to end encrypted using TLS and sRTP and WITHOUT any server, nodes, or supernodes in the middle.

    This solutions is strictly peer to peer without any servers in the middle.

    I was wondering if you have heard of them and how they are going to affect Skype’s business.


    damaka Launches Industry

  14. Have you ever tried Idefisk? Thi sophtphone is pretty reliable. It is a fully-packed with features SIP & IAX softphone from Asteriskguru.
    Give it a try it’s got a quite decent free version.

  15. How about the gizmo project?

    It purports to talk to Gizmo as well as a second SIP network.

    – Dan

  16. Have a look at the Zoiper Softphone, its a SIP softphone and iax client for windows mac and linux, with TCP / TLS support.

  17. be sure to check out Zoiper IAX and SIP (with TCP/TLS support) softphone.

    This is the former Idefisk SIP and IAX softphone. Check out the press release:

    Belgium, 17.07.2007
    Attractel, VoIP solutions provider
    In order to keep up with the dynamics in this age of technology, Attractel is proud to announce the adoption of a fresh new name for its popular softphone, referred to as Idefisk until today. From now on Idefisk will be known as ZOIPER softphone. With the release of the new complete 2.0 version, besides the loadful of useful features, we also incorporate a trendy new name.

    ZOIPER will retain the classical look and logo of Idefisk, as well as its functionality, interface and user-friendliness. In other words, it will be the very same phone Idefisk fans are accustomed to. Alterations in the nearby future will only consist of new and even more advantageous features of ZOIPER.

    ZOIPER 2.0 comes in Free and Biz versions. ZOIPER 2.0 Free comes with practical features such as: STUN support, Various codec support with priority settings, Multiple accounts, Adaptive Jitter buffer, Call transfer, Echo cancellation, Voice mail, Multilanguage support and more! All this is backed with the basic calling features, including CallerID, DTMF tones, three lines available, etc. For keeping track on calls and contacts, ZOIPER provides a Call history and Log, as well as an Address book and Quick dial pad.

    Yet available for Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista only, you can download your copy of ZOIPER 2.0 free here.

    ZOIPER 2.0 Biz is a premium version of ZOIPER 2.0 Free with advanced features such as: Native conferencing, support for G729 codec, Call recording, Call forwarding, Command line dialing, Custom ringtones, Auto answer, Incoming URL handling, Automatic provisioning (XML), Callto URL protocol support, Outlook integration, Open URL on call answer, TCP/TLS support with SIP, Portable ZOIPER with portable devices and more. ZOIPER 2.0 Biz comes with six lines, allowing conference with up to six attendants.

    Yet available for Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista only, you can buy your copy of ZOIPER 2.0
    or contact our sales department at

    Customers, willing to take advantage of ZOIPER, modified especially to their needs, may opt for either basic or full rebranding. The basic rebranding includes change of brand name, logo and colors of ZOIPER, while the full rebranding offers complete change of appearance plus custom development to meet any requirements.

    About Attractel
    Attractel is an all-solution VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) company, specialized in developing VoIP applications, mostly based on the Asterisk open-source PBX project. From 2004 till now Attractel has grown to a company that offers VoIP solutions and support for the SMBs (Small and
    Medium Businesses). For more details on ZOIPER, visit:

    For more details on Attractel, visit:

  18. There are several reliable softphones out there, including the ones listed above. We always recommend Counterpath’s X-Lite as it is simple to use, stable as a donkey on quaaludes, and, best of all, free. Download it at

  19. You can consider the Mirial Softphone from Mirial (formerly DyLogic), a PC audio/video client for sip/h323 supporting up to HD 720p video (!). There

  20. now supports H.263 video calling right from webpage, no installation, no difficult settings… It’s very convenient. G.711 for audio / H.263 for video + no problems with NAT or firewalls.

  21. MizuPhone from just works. Easy to setup even by my grandma.
    Plus it has extra features that i never seen before in sip softphones (ultra wideband codec, remote desktop and file sharing over sip and all the other goodies)

  22. You can also try Mercuro IMS Client ( Mercuro is an IMS client that could be used as SIP client. Is compliant with IETF/OMA/3GPP/GSMA specs. For capabilities you have: Voice, Video, chatting (MSRP, SIMPLE with both pager and session mode), XCAP contact storage, MSRP File transfer, …

  23. I use Zoiper 2.18 and it works….but its sooo damm ugly. It can REALLY do with some skinning.

    One of the features that irretate me a bit on it is the ability of receiving multple calls at the same time…its a cool feature but i can only talk to one person at a time…have not figured out yet how to disable it and it seems to get buggy when swapping between channels – i find that if i try to answer a call on another channel my earphones and mic goes dead and the only way to recover is by restarting zoiper.

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