Hacks built using SkypeAPI are property of Skype

The Skype API lets developers build hacks onto the Skype application. It doesn’t give one access to the Skype protocol but it allows external applications to interact with the Skype software.

Some folks over on the VoIP USER forum have noted that the Skype EULA says Skype owns anything developed on the SkypeAPI. It suggests that Skype would have commercial rights to anything developed using the SkypeAPI.

If this is in fact the effect of the Skype EULA, it seems to limit the possibilities of anyone doing anything interesting with the API. I mean why would anyone invest their own time and money to build something they’re going to have to give away to Skype and from which only Skype can profit? Skype controls the terms of distribution of your application. That may be okay for home hacks, but certainly nobody can build a fundable business using it.

Doesn’t Pulver Communicator use the Skype API? Does this mean Jeff has to give it to Niklas?

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  1. At most, the language used in the Skype EULA is not clear. It appears to speak to the ownership of modifications of the Skype API, not to external software which simply interfaces through the Skype API.

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