Babble, how do they do it?

Robin Good is reporting about Babble. It’s from the UK and offers free calls to fixed/landline telephones across Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. I confirmed that indeed one can place free calls to USA numbers. Weird.

So it appears that this software/service offers a way to get free long distance to a lot of destinations. On the basis of cost savings for calls to the PSTN, it would appear Babble trumps Skype.

This appears to be one to watch. Anybody have any idea how they can give away free calls to the PSTN?

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  1. I’ve been happily using the Babble service now for just over two months having mirgrated from Skype. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the experience.

    Babble Support tell me that a membership scheme will be introduced in which a user will have to pay

  2. David, this is unrelated to the current post but I am curious about the image verification hack you wrote for gm. Does the stuff at still work for version 1.21d?

    It’s what I’m using and since it’s not broke (apart from comment spam vulnerability) I didn’t want chance breaking it by upgrading.

    If you happen to see this and can reply by e-mail I’d appreciate it greatly.

  3. I’m keen to try Babble on my ZyXEL

    Has anyone go the following information to run Babble on a ZyTEL:

    Proxy Server
    Proxy IP:
    Proxy Port:
    Expire Time:

    Outbournd Proxy Server
    Proxy IP:
    Proxy Port:

    User Account
    Phone Number:

    If so please e-mail me at this would be much appreciated

  4. What’s happening with Babble. Their servers have been down for 2 days now…anyone know? Long story short, I love their model, it makes sense, and yes it could go for the long term based on volume, advertising, and the likes.

    Ryan Gibson,

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