GNUP Me? Not!

Ok, so I went and registered for a number at Popular Telephony’s GNUP Registry. Now, someone tell me what it does. I consider myself somewhat clued in on VoIP technology. However, everything about Popular Telephony seems clouded in some kind of mystery. Their site tells you just enough to ask for more.

I received number (8844) 4294967179. So what am I supposed to do with it? I tried downloading their PT Inspector

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  1. ugh, i’ve been scratching my head about them in a few blog entries:

    This all seems somewhat silly to me. I know we’re all trying real hard to live our lives around numbers just so we can accommodate 100-year old user interfaces, but i’m just hoping we’ll evolve to the next century … here’s a related rant:

    … with more discussing going on here:

  2. I don’t if you’ve already seen this, but just in case, this *might* shed *some* light:

    What I’m taking from these diagrams is that they’re looking at every communication protocol out there and attempting to graft GNUP on-top of it, with GNUP gateways all over the place.

    blech … ?

  3. That ‘applications’ page is exactly the kind of non-information information I’m talking about. It leaves one asking more questions.

    I have a SIP phone. What can I do with my GNUP number?

    Is there a DNS root I can query for NAPTR records?


  4. yep, i have no idea what GNUP is either. and since it is not able to make it clear to me on the front page, i dont think it is worthwhile to figure it out anyway.

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