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  1. Skype will probably find this to be their downfall once their users discover the multitude of SIP networks around the world that are co-operating and allowing their members to call into and receive calls from the other networks.

    FWD is still King as far as I am concerned, having links to about 15 other SIP networks.

  2. I have always admired Skype because it is a cool and smart piece of software that is the prototype of the great application telephony is about to become. At the same time it is a walled garden in which freedom inevitably comes with a price. In the end I never used Skype myself.

    At some point I thought a serious open competitor had emerged with Damaka, only to discover very quickly that although it is based on SIP it is no less closed than Skype.

    But with the application that Xten just released I believe something strong has finally appeared. Ineen combines a SIP phone, an IP videophone and a chat client.

    See http://www.noirextreme.com/node/73 for more details.

  3. JC,

    Have you checked out damaka lately…
    I read your comments and I think damaka guys heard you and they seem to be opening up their "walled garden" slowly. According to their website – (and I quote) http://www.damaka.com/features.htm

    "damaka allows users to connect to other SIP networks, e.g. FWD (Free World Dialup)"

    I tried and was able to connect to FWD.

    I use damaka primarily because its SAFER than skype (once a theif, always a thief!) and easier to use. I did not see any difference in quality of audio. I think they use GIPS too (saw a press release by GIPS on damaka). Plus their Voicemail is FREE!!!!

    * sippedoutyoda *
    ( much potential I see in damaka )

  4. Why is it that Skype was purchased when it looks like Damaka’s product is the more user-friendly and where VoIP is going with SIP??

  5. Have you heard of a company called Damaka (www.damaka.com). They have developed a SINGLE HOP SIP P2P application that does IM, chat, voice calls, audio conference, SMS, voice mail etc.

    Unlike Skype which relies on multihop technology that can raise the probablity of rapid virus traversal, Damaka is a single hop technology that connects peopple strictly peer to peer so, that your laptop resources are not being passively used to route calls that you are not part of.

    I thought Damaka offerred a better SIP technology than Skype

  6. Greg,

    I am in same boat as you are… damaka is definitely going in the right directions with standards based approach. But damaka is still not as big as Skype is. eBay wanted to enter enter other big markets, like European market and Skype allows them to get to a global community. Its the user community eBay paid for… well thats just one thought… there are other interesting reasons too!!!!

  7. Swoods makes a good point and I agree with him. Have you tested the latest damaka release on video. The quality of video & voice was pretty good. Just want to know if y’all had similar or different experiences.

  8. Tim,

    I have used it and I love it… damaka has very coool features and I like their call quality better than others… video was nice… they give voicemail for free. Their IM is very useful because I can check the spelling and also I dont have to sit there and watch the screen… their text messages get converted to audio and ar eplayed back — I don;t know how they do that but I love it… also when my friends come online, it starts speaking, telling me that my friends are online… its very useful because I instantly know WHO came online. With MSN and Yahoo, I’d get an alert, but it didnt say who it was, so I had to look at the screen.

    There are other nice things like RSS reader (i use that a lot), ability to search text messages and ability to record my conversations….

    Now, my boyfriend cannot say "I didn’t say that!!!"… lol 😉

    Try damaka – its really cooool

  9. I have been watching the damaka guys recently and they’ve been coming with some nifty features. I read they just launched desktop sharing and PSTN? That’s cutting edge, for a direct p2p SIP-platform.

    I think damaka is definitely worth looking into. These guys could be the long-awaiting answer for SIP mega-growth. Rooting for SIP all the way…

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