Linksys SIP ATA hits store shelves

The main Linksys site features their new PAP2 SIP analog telephone adaptor. Linksys has released two Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) VoIP devices for retail: The PAP2 and a router with integrated ATA functionality, the RT31P2. They are co-marketing the products with Vonage service plans. These products should be in stores soon. They have a promotion running with Staples with $50 rebates when purchased with Vonage service.

The PAP2 2-port ATA is $59.98 and the RT31P2 Broadband Router with built-in ATA port is $89.98 (prices before rebates).

They must of course be “activated” with a SIP service in some way, much like cel-phones, so they are different than most other products in the broadband device aisle, but they are at least in the store, bringing them that much closer to the masses, at least making SIP and VoIP more visible, maybe getting people talking about it.

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  1. Probably the most significant thing Mark refers to over at the Voip-info wiki is that the Linksys devices that are currently being sold are "locked" to Vonage. They cannot be used with any other service provider and they will not work unless they are "activated" with a Vonage account.

    Linksys expects to have "unlocked" versions of these products sometime next year, according to reports.

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