pulver.Communicator Beta

I’ve been participating in the beta of the new pulver.Communicator and now Jeff has asked me to recommend some of my friends/family to join in the beta test. So friends, I encourage you to participate in the beta. You can sign up at the following link: http://pulver.com/fwd/beta-signup.html

I applaud Jeff for commiting his own resources to make this happen. I had previously bemoaned the fact that we might never get an open-standards based alternative to Skype and other closed systems because no MBA would buy into the idea. Well, again, Jeff Pulver to the rescue. Thank God for him.

The pulver.Communicator is a nifty application that combines elements of Instant Messaging, Presence, Voice, and Social Networking. The first version is for Windows 2000/Windows XP only.

Please try out pulver.Communicator and provide feedback to Jeff. According to Jeff, this beta round will end in a week or so.