Vertical Technoratae

Wow, I think mrG at teledyn really hits the nail on the head. He talks about going beyond Blogdex or DayPop and the like to analyze more topic-vertical blogspaces.

It’s my guess too that we’re about to find not all blog topics are created equal in the eyes of the ratings sifters. I’ll wager, as more and more topics come online with sufficient blog-pressure to merit sifting by link-rates, the various parameters of what constitutes hot from not changes in such a way that the Technorati of Apples will yield a very different fruit from the Technorati of Oranges — this may be one of the reasons why today we can find mostly Bananas …

Indeed. I seem to never find posts that are interesting, or even among the most interesting, on deep or narrow topics when searching with Technorati. I get the sense that the authority algorithm is broken or just not able to do the job justice. I’m usually left with the feeling that it favors some classic blogger type whether intentional or unintentional. As a result, I just don’t trust the answers (especially when I know the subject well and I know who is being overlooked by Technorati).

What I need is just like Technorati, but with topic namespaces.